Thursday, April 22, 2010

Digital Economy Bill -Clause 43 "Orphan Works". LABOUR INTENDS TO TRY AGAIN!!!

The below was sent to me by Andre Regini:-

Subject: Clause 43? You thought it was all over… Labour says it isn’t!
You may have thought that the issue of Orphan Works legislation would die after the defeat of Clause 43. However, it would appear others do not share that view. Stop43 has seen a handwritten note from Stephen Timms (Lab), which states that a Labour “government will aim to reintroduce similar measures” in the new Parliament. The note was written by him to reassure Frank Dobson MP (Lab) on the final day of the debate, fuelling speculation that Labour struck a deal to drop Clause 43 on the understanding that it will simply re-introduce it if returned to power. Be assured, we believe this issue is far from over and we are working on all those involved in future legislation.

The Stop43 Facebook page may have been deliberately quiet since the defeat of Clause 43, but there has been a huge amount going on behind the scenes as a direct result of the fallout from our efforts. We expect this to be played out in the coming months and will keep everyone informed. However, this note is just one example of what we are uncovering.

Labour obviously doesn't want photographers to vote for them!!

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